Client Journey: IV Vitamin Therapy

January 2019 has seen the introduction of IV Vitamin Therapy to Face Clinic London, and we’re super excited about it! We hope you will be too, so we’ve asked one of our clients to give us his view on the whole process and the treatment itself, to give you an idea of what to expect.


“I have been having IV Vitamin Therapy for several years so was very happy to hear about this service now being available at Face Clinic London, a place I trust and where the procedures are done by the Doctors themselves. 

As a busy and very active coach I am very in tune to the needs of my body and can recognise when I’m not performing at 100%. Sometimes feeling sluggish is caused by my hectic schedule, sometimes it’s just bad luck because I’ve picked up a minor winter illness such as a cold. I know many people choose to ride that slump with caffeine, quick sugary fixes or even medication, which is far from ideal. 

I’ve been coming to Face Clinic London for many years. I trust the staff there and think it’s great that the treatments are done by fully qualified doctors. First, I had a consultation with Doctor Mark which was very thorough and I had the chance to ask questions and had the process fully explained. 

After discussing my personal requirements with Mark we agreed that I would have the energy booster drip as this most suited the demands of my busy working day. 

The thing I love about IV’s is you don’t even know you’re having one and I got to chat to Doctor Mark throughout who stayed beside me overseeing the treatment. The room was private and comfortable and the whole procedure lasted about half an hour. 

Over the next 24 hours I began to feel noticeably more alert, focused, happy and energetic. 

Even now, a week later I’m still feeling the positive effects and look forward to many more. Thanks Doc!

Ed Harbourne”


So there you have it! We couldn’t be happier, and we can’t wait to introduce you all to the IV Vitamin Therapy treatments!

These are available with Dr. Mark Lister only, Wednesdays 12pm-7pm, Fridays 12pm-5pm and every other Saturday 11am-4pm. Give us a call on 0207 851 6624 to find out more, or email us via [email protected]. Better yet, you can cut out the middle man and Book your consultation with Dr. Lister online!

See you soon!

-The Face Clinic London Team.

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