Semi-Permanent Make Up Do’s and Don’t

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If you’re thinking of getting semi-permanent makeup, make sure you read these do’s and don’ts directly from our specialist practitioner Rachel Pitman.

1.DO check out your practitioners work before you book. You have an abundance of technicians to choose from, ensure you are happy with the quality of their work before you commit. Look at their hair stroke direction, the symmetry of their lip contours, the shape of their eyeliners. If you don’t like their portfolio you probably won’t be happy with the outcome of their treatment!
You can see some before and after images of Rachel’s happy clients HERE 

2.DO have a list of questions ready for your consultation. No question is too trivial; it’s always good to be informed! An initial consultation with your chosen technician is always recommended; but if this isn’t possible, try to contact them directly– call or email. Many queries can often be cleared up and discussed this way.

3.DO prepare yourself for your new brow shape – Not everyone is used to pencilling their brows in every day, so you may find their new shape a little shocking no matter how subtle the enhancement. A few days before your treatment, spend a little time in front of the mirror. Draw your brows in and keep this on for a couple of hours. The shape you design may not be ideal but it will give you a chance to get used to having something there. This can also apply to lip treatments – expect the initial colour to be a little too dark for comfort! It always settles down once healed…

4.DO see the treatment as a two-step process. With most practitioners you will receive an inclusive retouch after 4 weeks, there are many reasons for this. Largely, to give you a chance to understand how the healing process affects the colour. Initially all treatments appear a little darker or stronger than desired –but this will fade down during the healing process. You may also heal patchy or the tone might not be absolutely perfect. Don’t worry. Your initial application will set the foundations, your retouch will finalise your treatment.

5.DON’T choose your practitioner based on price alone. This is probably the most imperative piece of advice I can offer you. In all industries you will pay more for quality and semi-permanent make-up is no different – except that it’s going to be on your face for several years! Often the first question fired through an enquiry is “how much does it cost?” rather than “how long have you been practicing?” or “Where did you train?” or “where can I view your portfolio?” There are a multitude of practitioners at different skill levels, and our prices will reflect this. Not to mention the additional expense you can incur having a cheap mistake corrected.

6.DON’T go in too hard! Your inclusive retouch will allow you the opportunity to adjust the shape and colour of your enhancement. If on the day of treatment you are in two minds about how dark you want your eyeliner to be or how long the tails of your brows should go, less is better. You can always add colour and length; it’s much harder to reverse regrettable decisions.

7.DON’T have unrealistic expectations. The aim of any skilled permanent makeup specialist is to enhance and support your unique features in a natural way. If you have a thin upper lip, then a tailored lip contour treatment can do a lot to create organic looking volume, great shape, improved symmetry, all in a pigment to mimic your lip tone. The results can be astonishing! But we can’t give you an Angelina pout. You’re better aiming to improve what you naturally have, rather than lust on a celebrity’s feature you’d like to cut and paste to your face! Our individuality is what makes us beautiful, celebrate and enhance your uniqueness.

 8.DON’T forget to look after your new brows/ eyeliner/ lip colour/beauty spot. Attentive aftercare is vital for good results. I give my clients a small list of instructions to follow for the first two weeks post treatment. Your results are reliant on how well you look after the treated area post application. You will have spent a lot of money, why waste it by forgetting to apply after care balm, or by picking the pigment and exposing your delicate skin to germs. Be patient and follow your practitioner’s guidelines for optimal results.

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