Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make Up

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PLEASE NOTE: Rachel now deals with all her bookings herself, please contact her directly via [email protected]

Fuller, more defined eyebrows have exploded into the beauty industry over the past few years. Magazines devote pages to achieving bigger brows; and the beauty industry is awash with products to add definition, thickness and length, Some may call this the ‘Cara Delevingne’ effect – but looking after your eyebrows isn’t a fad that will eventually go out of fashion, in fact, thicker, well-groomed brows can drastically transform your face. They frame the face, emphasise the eyes, and can easily give you a more youthful appearance; while thinner, over-tweezed brows can actually add years.

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Skilled Permanent Eyebrow Technician

Rachel Pitman is Face Clinic London’s extremely skilled semi-permanent make-up technician. Having trained with the industry leaders in semi permanent cosmetics- Nouveau Contour, she is experienced in creating natural results which complements the natural beauty of the face. Rachel assesses each client’s facial structure and skin tone tailor a perfectly defined and shaped eyebrow.  She will use the correct blend of pigments to simulate the appearance of natural three-dimensional hair growth. The arch and shape of the brows will be created to give the best frame and balance to the face. To find out more about our Rachel please click here.  Please also read her client testimonials, and see some of her happy clients before and after photos.

Achieve natural looking three-dimensional hair strokes with semi permanent makeup. The pigment will be implanted in nano hair strokes to mimic your natural hair growth.
Many practitioners offer this treatment but few have mastered it as Rachel has. Following the direction of your hair growth allows the simulated hairs to sit in harmony with your existing brow. These hairs can be densely applied and compact for a neater brow, or spread slightly further apart for a sparse, feathery less defined effect. You can also achieve ultimate depth with blended hair-strokes to merge your existing brows with the applied pigment perfectly.
This treatment can be extremely beneficial for people with reduced or patchy hair growth on the eyebrow, including sufferers of alopecia and chemotherapy patients.

The Benefits Of Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make Up

Eyebrow pencils, powder, palettes, gels… there’s no lack of products on the market to achieve the fuller brow look. What many people are lacking is the time, patience and steady hand needed to create the perfect shape! Using products is not only be time consuming but can sometimes give an uneven and misshapen appearance. This is why semi permanent eyebrow make-up is growing rapidly in popularity – it gives an attractive and youthful eyebrow everyday without having to spend time applying makeup every morning, or having to top-up throughout the day. If you want all the benefits of full, well-defined eyebrows but don’t have the time to carry around or apply makeup, you now can.

If you’ve fallen foul of over-plucking; this treatment can correct any uneven brows or thinning, as well as fixing any natural asymmetries or uneven brows. It can also be used to give a natural youthful eyebrow raise without the use of plastic surgery or Botox. It’s also a recommended treatment those with hair loss or patchy hair growth – including sufferers of alopecia and chemotherapy patients. Semi permanent eyebrow make-up simulates the effect of hair growth, for a completely natural looking finish. It is also used in people with disabilities who may not be able to physically apply makeup.

Further Information

The procedure itself is carried out in our Soho clinic with high levels of hygiene. A topical anaesthetic cream can be applied to numb the area. The procedure is relatively painless, and can take about 90 minutes. The effects can last for about three years. A touch up is recommended every 12 to 18 months.