Dispelling Myths About Chemical Skin Peels

Please note – this blog was posted in 2012. Face Clinic London no longer offers Chemical Peels. Please use this post as a guide to help you understand the treatment. To find a safe clinic that you can trust to offer this treatment, head to www.saveface.co.uk


Chemical peels are becoming one of the most effective skin care treatments for a variety of conditions from tired, rough, dull looking skin, to acne, skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Though chemical peels are highly effective there are many myths surrounding this treatment. These myths can prevent people from enjoying the benefits of this effective skin care treatment. If you have been having doubts about this treatment method, do read on and we are sure you will find this article helpful.

One of the common misunderstandings that people have regarding chemical peels is that the treatment will result in dramatic visible peeling of the skin which will mean that you will have to take time off work. With superficial chemical peels, the most you will notice is slight redness and flaking of the skin for up to two days after the peel, which means no need to take time off work.

People considering a chemical peel also worry that the treatment may cause a scar. As long as you are using a qualified and experienced therapist, who is trained in the application of peels, it is very unlikely that the peel will be left on long enough to cause any permanent damage to your skin. You should however remember to keep out of the sun for up to four weeks following a chemical peel and use a daily strong Sunscreen. This is because after having a peel the sensitive skin can be easily damaged by the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, leading to excessive skin pigmentation.

Another common misunderstanding is that chemical peels produce the desired results with just one peel. To see noticeable differences following a superficial peel, you will need a course of six peels.

Many people also think that chemical peels should be used only by people with skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, and age spots. It is not true that chemical peels can only be used when you have a significant skin problem. Skin peels can be used effectively to freshen and brighten the skin and maintain healthy and young looking skin.

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