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ThermaVein® offers the instant, safe and permanent treatment for red veins often referred to as thread veins or spider veins and medically referred to as “telangiectasia”.

ThermaVein® delivers a fast and effective rapid solution for the treatment of red veins and vascular blemishes. Red veins are cosmetically unsightly and are too fine to be treated in the same way as larger veins. Our ThermaVein® thermo-coagulation device offers a complete solution, is a totally safe treatment, clinically proven and permanent.

Equipped with a polarisation light system our doctor introduces a fine needle over the vein and in most cases it disappears instantaneously. There is no bandaging required.

At Face Clinic London we use Thermavein to treat red spots, a variety of vascular blemishes and troublesome red veins. It is also an effective treatment for skin tags, milia and warts.

The sterile needle, for single use, is covered with an insulating sheath which protects the skin, enabling a targeted action, delivering the treatment with precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Thermavein Work?

ThermaVein® does not use laser, IPL or injections, and simply uses a process called Thermocoagulation. Thermocoagulation works by gently joining the two walls of the vein together. The three steps are below.

ThermaVein® is based on a high frequency wave producing a thermal lesion with protection of the skin. This proven method is effective and relatively painless, making ThermaVein® the Gold standard for the treatment of Red Veins and Vascular Blemishes.

ThermaVein thermo-coagulation. Thermocoagulation works by gently joining the two walls of the vein together.

What are the advantages of Thermavein over other treatments?

– Instant results in most cases
– Simple procedure
– Any part of the bodyFor men and women
– Relatively painless= No bruising
– No bandaging
– No scarring

What can Thermavein treat?

– Facial thread veins
– Spider Veins
– Telangiectasia
– Milia (small white dots usually on the face)
– Skin tags
– Campbell-de-Morgan spots (red dots or bumps anywhere on the body)
– Cherry Angiomas/blood spots
– Blackheads
– Warts

How many Thermavein treatments will I need?

Normally one treatment is needed. In the case of thread veins on the leg, or warts, multiple treatments may be required.

What can I expect before and after Thermavein treatment?

During treatment a slight tingling sensation can be felt. Following treatment, skin will be red and feel warm. In most cases redness will calm down within a day, depending on skin type. There may be slight redness in the surrounding skin for a fewdays, but this may last longer, although this is not common. The area treated may also be dry, scab, darken or crust.

The vessels treated will gradually fade and be broken down by the body. In the case of skin tags or wart, 2-3 days after treatment a scab may form which may then take 7-10 days to fall off, and may leave a pink smooth area. Further treatments can be carried 2 weeks later (6 weeks for thread veins or leg veins), if necessary.

What aftercare is advised?

You can return immediately to your normal activities. No specific aftercare is required. You may apply a small amount of aloe Vera gel to the treated area twice a day for the first few days. Try to avoid heavy scrubbing or picking at the area.

Is Thermavein safe?

ThermaVein® uses heat to seal the veins. It does not use electro-coagulation and unlike laser, diathermy and IPL it does not carry the same risk of scarring and burns. There are no chemicals involved, no injections and no incisions. A very low current of 4MHz is used during treatment. The low current and the fact that ThermaVein® does not treat the blood means ThermaVein® is very safe for patients.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment always involves a consultation to establish the best treatment for you, and to agree on your objectives. Treatment can usually be done on the same day, and thirty minutes is usually sufficient.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Yes. Thermavein can be used for all skin colours, complexions and including sensitive skin.

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