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ZO Skin Health

“My mission is to create skin that is healthy, youthful and vibrant, fulfilling my definition of skin health”


Dr. Zein Obagi has been revolutionising the world of skincare for over 3 decades, and we are proud to be stockists of his life changing products. ZO products work from the inside out, stimulating your skin’s cells to nourish, replenish and maintain themselves to support daily skin health and protection from the environment.

Unlike many high street brands, ZO Skin Health use medical grade ingredients, advanced peptides, and powerful anti-oxidants to achieve their results and preventative solutions for every skin type and issue.  So whether you have a specific complaint, want to help with preventing signs of ageing or just want to up your skincare game – ZO Skin Health could help you. We recommend booking in to see Dr. Anita Kapoor to assess your existing routine and get a better view of how ZO can help you.

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ZO Skin Health Products

Cleanse, Tone and Exfoliate

Hydrating Cleanser

This dual-action combines glycerin and allantoin to soothe sensitive skin while cleansing away oil and makeup

Exfoliating Cleanser
This gentle exfoliating cleanser rids the skin of dirt and surface oils. Micro-beads exfoliate to unclog pores, while vitamin E provides antioxidant properties
Complexion Renewal Pads

Moistened pads help minimise surface oil and exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells and dirt

Exfoliating Polish

Magnesium crystals exfoliate dead skin cells to create a clear, smooth and even toned complexion

Calming Toner pH Balancer

Calming, pH balanced toner that removes impurities and invigorates weak and sensitive skin.


Daily Power Defence

Designed to diminish lines and wrinkles, and to address future damage, this powerful antioxidant serum was designed to support the skin’s natural DNA repair process and help restore barrier function and skin health

Growth Factor Serum Plus

This lightweight gel supports skin rejuvenation, reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, and protects against future signs of ageing

Advanced Radical Night Repair

This anti-ageing treatment, formulated with 1% Retinol, improves texture and uneven pigmentation, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful skin tone

10% Vitamin C Self-Activating

This potent anti-ageing dose of Vitamin C brightens and redefines skin, promoting a more even skin tone, and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion


This non-retinol skin brightener is formulation to even skin tone, reduce dark spots and restore hydration, while calming and soothing irritated skin

Firming Serum

An anti-aging breakthrough in skin structure + shape. This mild, lightweight and tolerable formulation is indicated for all skin types and sensitive skin areas to reinforce skin health and hydrate to support the visible improvement in skin elasticity and firmness.

Recovery Creme
A luxuriously rich hydrator for moderate dryness + redness, clinically proven to rejuvenate the appearance of fragile skin, including neck aging
Illuminating AOX Serum

A concentrated antioxidant serum that provides protection against pollution + premature signs of aging while visibly brightening the skin with a subtly luminous, soft-focus finish
Instant Pore Refiner

This lightweight serum, combining powerful ZO Complexes, tightens pores, smooths skin texture and reduces surface oils for an instantly matte finish

Renewal Creme

For oily and acne prone skin, this lightweight renewal creme with retinol, hydrates skin, soothes irritations, minimizes redness, reduces wrinkles and evens skin tone

Intense Eye Repair

This anti-ageing eye treatment, with retinol, helps reduce dark circles under eyes, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and improves overall complexion for an even tone

Eye Brightening Creme

Specially designed for the delicate eye area. Helps minimize the multiple signs of aging, including puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Intense Eye Creme

Targeted retinol eye crème to reduce visible wrinkles and fine lines while improving overall complexion and skin texture. Optical diffusers reduce look of dark circles and puffiness.

Growth Factor Eye Serum

This eye serum targets deeper eye wrinkles, crease formation, hollowness + microcirculation decline. Cooling massaging applicator soothes the skin and re-invigorates the look of tired eyes.


Sunscreen + Primer

This dual action suncreen protects against the damaging effects from UVA/UVB and IR-A Rays, and from HEV light. Hydrates and doubles as a makeup primer for a smooth matte finish, diminishing skin imperfections

Smartone SPF50

For sensitive and post procedure skin, this lightweight, non-irritating mineral sunscreen protects against damaging effects from UVA/UVB and IR-A rays and from HEV light

Daily Sheer SPF50

Water and perspiration resistant, this non-greasy sunscreen dries quickly with a sheer matte finish to shield against UVA/UVB and IR-A rays, and HEV light. Protects and hydrates


Skin Care Kits

Level 1 Daily Skincare Program

The first line of defence against fine lines and wrinkles is to keep skin hydrated and protected from damaging sun exposure. It starts with a basic skincare program that uses high levels of high-performance ingredients to aid in the fight against the natural ageing process. The Daily Skincare Program is an everyday skincare essential to help strengthen and maintain healthy-looking skin.Contains: Exfoliating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish, Complexion Renewal Pads and Daily Power Defence

Level 3 Aggressive Anti-ageing Program Kit

Visible treatment to remove the look of deeper lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (age spots, sun damage), and thinning skin. Contains Hydrating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish, Complexion Renewal Pads, Daily Power Defense, Radical Night Repair, Renewal Creme

Please note, these products are not able to be purchased online. We recommend you call us on 0207 851 6624 or pop in clinic to check our stock availability.


ZO Medical Products

Please note, the following products are available on a PRESCRIPTION ONLY basis. Please book in with Dr. Anita Kapoor to talk about these products. If you have purchased some of the following from us before, you need not book in.


Oil Control Pads

For maximum-strength acne prevention, these oil control pads are formulated with 2% salicylic acid to clear acne, minimize surface oil and reduce the appearance of pores

Dual Action Scrub

Dual-action exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and excess surface oil that can lead to clogged pores

Exfoliation Accelerator

Brighten skin and unclog pores with the glycogent and lactic acid complex that exfoliates cells while also calming skin with a soothing blend of aloe, green tea and chamomile

Ezymatic Peel

This rejuvenating at-home peel soothes and hydrates your skin for a smoother texture and brighter appearance


Acne Treatment

Acne Control

This maximum-strength formula, with 10% micronized benzoyl peroxide, minimizes and treats acne lesions, controls oils and bacteria, soothes skin and prevents future acne


Pigmentation Treatment – Please speak to Dr. Kapoor regarding the following products.

Retinol Skin Brightener 0.5%
Retinol Skin Brightener 1%
Ketrel Tretinoin 0.05%
Serum for red, sensitised skin that works to reduce excess surface oil. Exfoliating properties provide ultra-mild exfoliation to encourage cellular turnover and reduce the signs of premature ageing.

Anti Ageing Treatment

Wrinkle & Texture Repair

Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, our wrinkle & texture repair creme, with retinol and anti-oxidants, supports visible improvements of texture, firmness and colour tone


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