Face Clinic Launches Semi Permanent Make Up Service

Please note, to inquire about Semi Permanent Makeup, or to book an appointment, you will need to go directly to the therapist. You can email her at [email protected] or via her website at www.rachel-pitman.com.


Face Clinic London launched in 2009 providing non surgical aesthetic treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and sweating treatment in Soho, Central London. They have now teamed up with a highly qualified beauty technician to provide a Semi Permanent make up service.

Semi permanent make up is a type of cosmetic tattooing that uses pharmaceutical grade pigments applied to the skin.  The aim of the treatment is to give a natural make up appearance that perfectly complements your skin tone using the right combination of pigments to enhance your natural features.   The make up can be used to frame the face and give fuller more defined eyebrows.  It can be used on the eyelids as eye liner to enhance the natural eye line.  It is also used on the lips add colour to the lips and on the lip line to achieve fuller more defined lips.

Our highly qualified technician has trained with Nouveau Contour, the industry leaders in semi permanent cosmetic tattoos. She has a fine art background giving her an innate understanding of aesthetics and colour theory. She is skilled in assessing individual facial features to give a treatment result which enhances the natural beauty of the face.

Semi permanent makeup is increasingly being used by both men and women who want to enhance their natural beauty and look great all the time without having to carry around and regularly apply makeup. Semi permanent makeup allows you to wake up every morning looking fresh faced without needing to apply makeup. No more smudging after swimming, raining, or after working out at the gym.

The treatment is safe and is carried out with the highest hygiene standards.  A topical anaesthetic will be used to numb the area before the procedure. It’s no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed. The procedure itself takes about 90 minutes and the make up will last an average of three years.

Our clinic offers a range of other treatments, including Botox Wrinkle Treatment / Brotox, Dermal Fillers, IV Vitamin Therapy, and Excessive Sweating Treatment. See our full list of treatments.

To make an appointment book online, or call Face Clinic London on 020 7851 6624, or email [email protected].

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