Hannah Adams

Hannah has been with us since March 2017, having previously worked in various areas of Hospitality and Customer Service. Being fairly new to living in London, she loves being in the thick of it in Soho, a city girl at heart; she adores the hustle and bustle, and the lovely, friendly environment of Silver Place.


What is your favourite treatment? I waited around 9 months after starting here, to try out the wonderful Botox. I waited that long purely because I wasn’t even sure I wanted it! After all that time watching people come and go, seeing the results and reading the reviews – I realised it was definitely for me. Such a quick and simple procedure, I was put at ease and talked through everything with clarity. It took about a week for the effects to appear, and it was such a shock when they did! But it was a pleasant shock, and definitely gave me more confidence knowing that unsightly line wasn’t between my eyes anymore. I’m 100% convinced of this treatment, and will definitely recommend it to others!

Taste in music? My music taste is so eclectic, I don’t think I could pick just one genre! Though I am very into the band ‘Haim’ right now – I go through phases where all I listen to is one genre/artist for about a month!

Favourite food? Call me boring, but I’m a massive fan of traditional, home cooked English food. Give me a Sunday Roast any day of the week! Though, if you’re offering to get a Chinese takeaway, I won’t say no.

Favourite drink? All the Gin!

Favourite film? Definitely the Gene Wilder version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Having said that, I have a massive weakness for the Harry Potter films, and anything even remotely scary/creepy.

Favourite place in Soho? Anywhere that sells an Espresso Martini, and has a fun atmosphere – I’m easily pleased!

Favourite way to pass the time? Reading Thriller novels. They’re my guilty pleasure! Usually reading a different one per week – ask for my recommendations, I’ve got plenty!