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How It Works – Cheek Fillers

At Face Clinic London we use Restylane SubQ via Pix’L™ micro cannula to enhance the cheeks. Cheek fillers are injected deeper compared to standard dermal fillers as they add volume from below and add support to the overlying tissues, providing facial fullness and restoring facial symmetry. The Pix’L cannula helps to reduce pain, bruising and swelling during and after the procedure.

Who Its For

This treatment is ideal for patients with flattened facial features and sunken cheeks as a result of natural ageing or weight loss, or those with an unbalanced or asymmetrical face. Restylane SubQ Hyaluronic Acid cheek fillers are temporary fillers which last for 12 months and are an ideal treatments to enhance cheeks without the risks associated with invasive plastic surgery, surgical facelift and permanent implants.

How We Inject

We are trained in using the Pix’L Micro Cannula which has a blunt tip which does not cut through the tissue but pushes it gently to the side without injuring it. A small hole in the cannula allows the injection to be precise.

The Benefits Of Pix’L Micro Cannula

Reduced pain

The Pix’L™ micro cannula does not puncture the tissue like a sharp needle, but glides gently along the natural tissue connections. The blunt tip displaces blood vessels without injuring them; reducing pain and swelling. There will only be one injection point on each cheek, where the cannula is inserted, which results in a lot less pain compared to standard cheek filler procedures. No anaesthetic is needed, a numbing cream is applied before the procedure.

Almost no tissue trauma

The inside and outside of the cannulas are smooth, without notches and the blunt tip makes injuries very unlikely. The cannula is made from high-tech, surgical stainless steel and offers high flexibility and resistance for an extremely comfortable injection treatment.

Reduced downtime

The reduced trauma resulting from the Pix’L Cannula technology allows patients to resume their daily routine very quickly. Any downtime is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum in comparison to standard cheek filler needle injections. You may have a small amount of swelling or bruising at the cannula insertion point, but this procedure is designed to be less invasive than standard needle cheek fillers.

Prices Book Appointment with Face Clinic London

Our Cheek Filler prices

  • First 2ml Restylane SubQ £500
  • Second 2ml Restylane SubQ £400
  • Following SubQ Cheek filler if any further Restylane or Perlane is required, they will be charged £175 per 1ml

The amount of Restylane SubQ needed for cheek filler treatment varies according to the person’s face, shape, age and expectations, (and this can be discussed with the doctor at your free consultation), as a guide, an average cheek filler treatment usually requires 4ml (where 2ml is placed on each cheek).

How To Book

A full free personal consultation and discussion with the doctor is required before having a cheek filler procedure, this can be booked online, via email or by calling 0845 6044 992 after 11am.

After you have had your consultation the doctor will be able to book the treatment for you at a future date.

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