Client Journey: 8-Point Face Lift

The 8-Point Face Lift is one of our newest and most revolutionary treatments that we offer here at Face Clinic London. One of our clients kindly wrote to us about his experience of this treatment which you can read here below.

“I never really thought I’d have any cosmetic treatments but this year I turned fifty.  I made a lot of improvements in exercise and diet in the run up. These changes were not only to look better but to improve health and fitness, as I have many friends approaching sixty and they’ve shown me that if you don’t look after yourself your golden years may not be so golden. So after a year I’d made many improvements with a waistline the same as when I left university and as much energy as when I was twenty.  However, I noticed that the kids in my office often thought I was in a bad mood or tired.  As my face aged and started to droop it was conveying things to people that didn’t reflect reality and so I decided to do something about it.

Having had no experience with such treatments I Googled and found  Face Clinic London. I looked at a number of places but was impressed with the quality of the staff (excellent medical credentials) at  Face Clinic London.   I sent them an email describing my issue and they made a consultation appointment to see Dr. Anita.  When I arrived in the little office in Soho I was seen to promptly.  Anita found my email about “looking too serious” amusing and we decided together that I probably needed a general freshening up. She explained that Botox was generally just for wrinkles and that given my issue fillers would be the best route. She described the 8-point face lift and took me through the procedure. I was really impressed when she said she didn’t do this procedure as it showed a great deal of interest in the patient being put before need to sell. She sent me home with the brochure and told me that Dr. Mark Lister did these procedures and the days of the week when he worked in the Clinic.

I read the materials and booked an appointment.  At the appointment I went through what I was looking for again with Mark and signed the papers.  Mark spent a lot of time listening to what I would like and suggested that he thought I was after something subtle – which was 100% correct.  Once he began the procedure he explained each step and being a good conversationalist diverted attention from the needles.  I understand the needles have a numbing agent and so the pain was minimal.  Mark explained that there was an art to getting the fillers just right for best effect.  When he finished I had a look in the mirror and could see the changes even through the bruising.  In fact the swelling made the impact even more dramatic but I could see where it was going.

Two days later with everything healed I could see that Mark had done a great job. Putting back some of the lost mass in the cheeks had subtly lifted my face.  The filler he used around my mouth both lifted and widened my smile and with just a little bit of filler had evened out my jaw line.   Subtle but effective.  The procedure is supposed to last up to 18 months and when that time is up I’ll definitely return because Mark and the whole Face Clinic London team were a pleasure to deal with and delivered great results.  Thanks to the whole team!”

James – October 2016

To find out more detail about this ground-breaking treatment read our blog post “Discount Wednesdays” to hear from Dr Mark Lister himself. Also visits our dedicated information page on our website for FAQ’s and prices.

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