ZO Skin Health Client Review

Another happy client! This client wanted to share her experience and
what products made a difference to her skin.

“I have been going to Face Clinic London for over 10 years now and have tried quite a
few of their treatments. Dr Anita advised that I use  ZO Skin Health products on my
face many times before I finally decided to try them.
I wish I had listened to her earlier!

In the few months that I have been using the Daily Power Defense and Eye Brightening
cream daily I have noticed an improvement in my skin quality. Finally I found something
that seemed to tighten the skin around my eyes and reduce the puffiness I had been
getting increasingly, and smooth the skin on my face which shows less of the fine
lines I had before using the ZO products. The general quality of my skin does look
better just at a time in midlife when it had started to worry me as it aged. I am so
happy to have found something that makes a difference, and that my friends and
family have also commented on the results of.

Then I tried the Retinol Skin Brightener and Exfoliating Polish which were also a
game changer. I had not tried a retinol on my skin before, and now I see what all
the fuss is about. It renewed my skin and after a few weeks getting used to it my
skin was plumper, brighter and glowed a bit. From my experience I would happily
recommend all these ZO Skin Health products to anyone wanting something more from
their current skin care products. It can be hard to know which reviews and
recommendations to listen to, so I am happy to pass on my experience of these
products which are making a positive difference to my skin.”

ST July 2022

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FCL Team.

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