Semi Permanent Lip Make Up

Please note – for any and all Semi Permanent Makeup inquiries/bookings – you will need to contact Rachel Pitman directly. Please head to her website: or email her at [email protected]


Having full, bright lips is one of the easiest ways to look instantly more youthful. For those who don’t have a naturally perfect pout, as well as dermal fillers, there are other ways to add colour and shape to the lips, to make them appear fuller and younger.

The Benefits of Semi Permanent Lip Make Up

Lip liners, gloss and lipstick can add colour and definition to lips, but many people find themselves having to reapply several times throughout the day – after eating, drinking, and of course, kissing! The main benefit of semi-permanent lip make up is that it will never rub off, saving what can add up to hours of time applying and re-applying lipstick.

Semi permanent lip make up can also restore colour and shape lost by ageing, scarring and cold sores, as well as correcting any asymmetrical lip lines.

Our technician, Rachel, will assess your natural lip shape and colour, and discuss options with you to achieve a colour and shape you are happy with. Anything from a natural and subtle volume boost to a statement red lipstick effect can be achieved.

Lip Line Treatment

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Our lip line treatment is perfect for those who want to achieve natural looking, fuller lips. The lip border is extended with pigments perfectly matched to your natural lip colour. These are applied along the natural lip line. You can choose from a thin line for a very natural subtle volume boost, or a thicker line for a more notable volume boost.


 Lip Line


Lip Blush


Our Lip Blush treatment gives a gentle all over flush of colour, which is perfect for lifting out any grey pigment on darker lips, or give natural colour to faded or aged lips.


Lip Blush £900


Full Lipstick Look


 The full lipstick look is for those who can’t be seen without their favourite lipstick on. We will mix the colour you are happiest with, for a statement lip effect.


Full Lipstick Look £900


Further Information

The procedure itself is carried out by Rachel Pitman our highly skilled semi permanent make up technician with high levels of hygiene. The procedure is relatively painless, and can take about 90 minutes. The effects can last for about three years. A touch up is recommended every 12 to 18 months.


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  1. The Lip Line Treatment looks amazing. I am very tempted by a semi-permanent thin lip line as it is so laborious to apply and re-apply lip liner every day to ensure my lips look even. And they only ever look good for a short while, and until I go for lunch.
    I shall be treating myself to this! Is it painful?

    1. Dear Linda,
      Rachel will always apply a numbing cream to whichever area is being treated, and this is left on for 30 minutes to ensure the skin is numb – this is then applied throughout the procedure to alleviate pain, and make the process as comfortable as possible.
      Kind regards

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