Rising Trend in Male Beauty Treatments and Men’s Botox

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Traditionally, men don’t like to talk about their ‘beauty regime’. Apparently though, this is all changing. Where once the make-up counters, beauty parlours and health spas were the sole domain of females, men are now just as likely to be buying beauty products and having facials, manicures and other cosmetic treatments. It’s no longer cool to whisk your new girlfriend off to Paris for the weekend – today’s man takes her to a health spa so they can spend time together and also be pampered.

Men are also becoming a more frequent sight in clinics offering more advanced cosmetic treatments, such as Botox injections. As a general rule Botox injections in men can be used to smooth their frown lines, soften their forehead wrinkles and erase their crow’s feet.

This rise in the popularity of Botox for men, has been a steady process over the past few years. In America in 2010 (the most up-to-date statistics available) 337,000 Botox injections were performed on men, an increase of almost 10 percent on the previous year, making Botox by far the most male popular non-surgical treatment, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

It’s not just Botox either – men can have deeper grooves or folds simply erased away with dermal filler injections. This treatment is commonly performed on the nose to mouth folds, deep frown lines, to enhance the cheeks and can even used to add definition back to lips.

So what’s made all these men suddenly want to muscle in on the action? Well, it’s thought to be down to a number of factors. The first one is that these treatments, in particular Botox and dermal fillers, are relatively easy to administer and the results can be seen quickly, especially with Botox where after one session, the treatment starts to work within a few days and can last for three months. This makes life easier for all men and guys are known for being big fans of low-maintenance grooming – it translates into convenience, comfort and the saving of time. What’s not to like?!!

Another factor is cost. If you really want to have quick results which are noticeable after a single treatment, Botox and dermal fillers can be a better spend then forking out money on a series of high-end creams and serums that may not have any effect on lines and wrinkles.

We also can’t ignore the increasing cultural pressure on men to look good from media and magazines – there are now so many health and lifestyle magazines on the market targeted at men all showing male models with toned bodies complete with obligatory six pack. And if they’re not being shamed into looking good by the sight of the Adonis on the front cover of GQ or Men’s Health, then they’re being forced into it by their partners.

The rise of the metrosexual male has led to clinics in Britain, and in London in particular, seeing a massive increase in men wanting non surgical cosmetic treatments. I spoke to Dr Nazim Mahmood from Face Clinic London, one of London’s leading cosmetic clinics based in Soho, and asked him about the increasing trend for male cosmetic treatments.

He said, “We have seen a large increase in the number of male clients through the door in recent years. Our most popular male treatments are Botox followed by dermal fillers and then underarm sweating treatment.”

I also asked Dr Mahmood how he has made his particular clinic appealing to men. He says, “At Face Clinic London, we strive to provide a neutral environment which is not overtly feminine and appeals to both women and men. This is reflected in the design and styling of our clinic, our website and the mix of staff.”

And he says that this has resulted in around half of those who attend Face Clinic London being men, way more than the average seen by most clinics. “About 50% of our clients are men, which is quite a high ratio for a cosmetic clinic.”

So is seems the rising trend in male beauty treatments is set to continue, driven by an increasing demand by men to look good and younger. Alongside this, clinics are responding to this demand and offering services and treatments tailored to the male market.

Face Clinic London offer a range of other treatments, including Botox Wrinkle Treatment / Brotox, Dermal Fillers, IV Vitamin Therapy, and Excessive Sweating Treatment. See our full list of treatments. Our clinic is located trendy Soho, London – just a few minutes walk from Carnaby Street.

To make an appointment book online, or call Face Clinic London on 020 7851 6624, or email [email protected].

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