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Another satisfied client! This client has had a wonderful experience with our ZO Medical products, and wanted to share her journey with all of you!

I have been using ZO for around 6 months. A friend introduced me to it and I’m so glad she did. For as long as I can remember I’ve been conscious about my skin– preventing the aging process and wanting it to look as luminous and fresh as possible. My skin has always been oily in the t-zone and I’ve been prone to regular breakouts, throughout the years and even now the age of 40. And I’ve probably used every skin care brand/regime going at one point or another. But until now my skin has never really changed.

ZO has transformed my skin. I now feel confident enough about my skin to not feel that I always have to wear foundation. The oiliness has gone – I finally have “normal” skin with makeup that stays on throughout the day and manages to stay looking fresh until I take it off. Even the pigmentation has reduced considerably leaving me with a close to even skin tone. My skin also feels clear and fresh and I’ve had so many compliments about how radiant I look since I started using it.

The products are lovely – they smell clean and feel really nourishing. The regime is also really easy to stick to – I’m using far less products on daily basis than I have in the past. And my skin doesn’t feel overloaded with creams.

Because of the levels of retinol in the products I did have a bit of a reaction after the first couple of weeks but I knew this would happen and Dr Kapoor told me exactly how to deal with it so it wasn’t a problem. The reaction was some drying of the skin which was easily dealt with and could be covered with some mineral powder make up. This hasn’t happened since so it’s not been a concern for me.

As someone who has spent a lot of time and money investing in my skin care and keeping up to date in new innovations I can honestly say that for the first time I have found a skin care regime which really does work. I know the products are fairly pricy but they are completely worth it and actually not as expensive as some other brands out there. The main thing is they really do work. I’ve seen the result already and I know that that providing I continue to do what I’m doing ZO will have long lasting beneficial effects that I’ve been looking for such a long time.

As well as being impressed with the skincare, my experience of the Face Clinic London/Sohoskin and Dr Kapoor has been second to none. All my consultations have been free. I’ve always gotten an appointment whenever I need – even in the evenings. And I’ve always been able to contact Dr Kapoor via email if I’ve had any concerns/problems.

Dr Kapoor is easy to talk to. She is highly experienced in this field so I can trust that she is recommending the best thing for my needs rather than just selling me anything because she has to. She’s  also a fantastic advert for the products as her skin looks amazing.

-A. Khan, June 2017

For more information on the products we have to offer from the ZO Range, and how it can help transform your skin too, please book in here to see Dr. Kapoor, and check back in on our blog for other reviews!

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  1. Hello
    I would like to know please what kind of cream can I use from ZO to suit my skin,because I had tried many used many creams but they didnt suit my skin so could you advice me please.

    1. Post

      Good morning,
      Thank you for contacting Face Clinic London,
      To be able to advise you, you would need to book an appointment for a Skincare Consultation with Dr. Anita Kapoor. You can do this online, or by calling us on 0207 851 6624.
      Kind regards

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