The Benefits Of Semi Permanent Make Up

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Semi permanent make up is growing in popularity, it is a type of cosmetic tattooing that uses pharmaceutical grade pigments applied to the skin.  The aim of the treatment is to give a permanent natural make up appearance that perfectly complements the skin tone using the right combination of pigments to enhance natural features.   The permanent make up is applied by a highly qualified technician who is skilled in assessing individual facial features with the aim to give a treatment result which enhances the natural beauty of the face.

Semi permanent make up applied to the eyebrows can be used to frame the face and improve the shape and definition of the eyebrows. Three dimensional hair simulation techniques can give the appearance of hair growth for those with patchy hair growth.  Semi permanent makeup can be applied to the eyelids to enhance the natural eye line to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter. Semi permanent make up can also be used on the lip border as permanent lip liner to achieve fuller more defined lips without the use of dermal fillers, It is also used on the lip body to add permanent colour to the lips.

Semi permanent makeup is increasingly being used by both men and women who have little time to spare to apply make up regularly. It allows them to enhance their natural beauty and look great all the time without having to carry around make up bags. It is also used by sports men and women, as there is no smudging after swimming, raining, or after working out at the gym.

It is also used by people with disabilities such as neurological weakness or tremor who may find it difficult to apply makeup evenly every day.  Semi permanent make up can be applied to thicken the eyebrows in those people with medical conditions such as alopecia resulting in thinning hair or hair loss on their eyebrows. Finally it can be used in people with scarring of the lip line or eyebrow to reduce the appearance of the scar.

The treatment is safe and is carried out with the highest hygiene standards.  A topical anaesthetic cream can be applied to the skin before the procedure to numb the treatment area. It is a relatively pain free procedure, no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed. The procedure itself takes about 90 minutes and the make up will last an average of three years.

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  1. My wife loves to do her makeup, but was telling me that she doesn’t have enough time in the mornings to do it as much. It’s interesting that you can actually get permanent makeup on your eyes, eyebrows, and lips. I’m sure that this would save her a lot of time in the future, and we will definitely have to look into it.

  2. Improving the shape of the eyebrow is the biggest effect I can see from permanent makeup. I would think that you could use them to enhance the natural color as well. Perhaps by using an ink that is shaded to make the natural hair stand out better.

  3. I like how you said that people are using permanent and semi-permanent makeup to amplify their natural beauty. It’s important to realize that you have good qualities and to accentuate what you can of them. Doing so would seriously help with self-confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

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