Wrinkle Treatments are Changing our Clients Lives

Hello All,

After 7 years in the aesthetic industry I still find the most rewarding part of my job here involves treating new clients who are considering taking a leap into the world of non permanent cosmetic procedures. Their story often reminds me of the reason I went to learn how to administer these treatments- to treat my own frown! Botulinum Toxin A is licensed to treat frown and crows feet wrinkles and there is no disputing the fact that it works to paralyse the muscles involved but the effect on a person’s psychological well being , happiness and confidence can only be told by the clients themselves.

Below is a clients’ journey highlighting why he wished to try Botulinum Toxin A , his experience at Face Clinic London and his thoughts on the results of his treatment. I am sure it will bring back memories for regular clients and I hope it will provide some further information for people who may be considering having the treatment for the first time…

After all- the first time is always the most exciting!

Happy Clients Make a Happy Clinic

“After turning the ripe old age of 52 years old I came to realise that life and its stresses had had an effect on my forehead which is very prominent. I found that even if I was feeling OK I still would look worried or tired. And I didn’t like the way I looked if a photo was taken of me unawares.

After a lot of thought I decided to go to Face Clinic London. On arrival I was warmly welcomed and put at ease straight away. The clinic was beautifully presented with lovely furniture and the atmosphere felt very calming and tranquil. And I noticed there was a lot of care put into this place too hygiene wise.

I met Anita for a consultation, and she was so sweet and understanding and knew exactly how I felt during our consultation about having botox. And a week later I then had the treatment. And I absolutely love the results. My prominent forehead looks so much smoother now. I was anxious about the pain at first but it was OK in the end. I feel so thankful I had the treatment. It has given me a sense of calm and I don’t feel the stress in my forehead and in general I look so much better and feel more confident. I definitely and without doubt will be going back there.”

Paul M,

London, July 2016.

Bye for now…

Enjoy the rest of the Summer and we look forward to seeing you soon in clinic.

Best wishes

Anita and the team xx

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