How to Eliminate Frown Lines Part 1: What are Frown Lines

Frown lines are completely natural and begin to appear on the face as we age. They are also called glabellar frown lines and they refer to the small lines or creases (or wrinkles) that appear between the eyes as you grow older. Although they are called frown lines, they aren’t necessarily caused by excess frowning and a variety of typical everyday expressions and other lifestyle factors contribute to the problem, alongside the aging of the skin. Frown lines are vertical and are often appear when a person is conveying worry, anxiety, confusion or fear.

As the skin ages it begins to lose elastin and collagen from its cells which are the parts that provide the “elasticity”. When young our skin’s cells are brimming with these substances which enables it to spring back into position good as new, rather like a soft ball. As the elasticity begins to decrease the skin is less able to “spring back” as it once could, and this is the reason that creases and wrinkles start to appear.

Although frown lines begin as fine lines, they do not stay that way if the skin is not properly cared for or the lines are not treated. Repetition of the culpable facial expressions combined with other lifestyle factors cause the lines to deepen and become more prominent. It can be a cause for concern when the lines result in a continuous and ongoing “angry look” that is commented on by friends and family.

Frown lines can be successfully treated with Botox® wrinkle treatment at Face Clinic London, the cost of frown line treatment is £230 and the effects can last for up to three-six months. The treatment is administered by fully qualified doctors at our clinic in Soho. The treatment includes a free top up at two weeks if necessary.  To book a consultation with a doctor please book online or call 0207 851 6624.

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