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All our prices are inclusive of an initial consultation and all treatments are given by fully qualified doctors.  Treatments can be given at the end of the initial consultation if agreed by the client.

Special offers and discounts

  • 10% off book with a friend offer – If you book with a friend who is new to Face Clinic London then we can offer both you and  your friend 10% off.
  • £40 off combination offer – If you have two different categories of treatment e.g. Botox and Dermal filler treatments then we can offer you £40 off (both treatments must be booked and performed within two weeks of each other).
  • Up to 10% off Botox Loyalty Offer – If you buy three Botox treatments upfront you can save up to 10% off the individual treatments. See details below.

Botox Wrinkle Treatment   Book Appointment with Face Clinic London

The three standard treatment areas are frown, forehead & crow’s feet

Botox Prices

  • One Area £200
  • Two Areas £270*
  • Three Areas £320*
  • *Fourth Area (peri-oral lip or smoker’s lines) free with two/three areas or £30.
  • *Fifth Area (bunny lines at the side of the upper nose) free with two/three areas or £30.
  • Sixth Area Marionette lines (corners or mouth free with two/three areas or £30.

Prices include free Botox top up treatment at two weeks post treatment.  We do not charge a supplement for men. We provide high quality doctor led treatments, please read our customer testimonials.

Botox Loyalty Offer

Buy three Botox treatments upfront and save up to 10% off the individual treatments. This offer is ideal for loyal customers who have regular Botox treatments.

  • Three Botox treatments of One Area £570 (£30 0r 5% saving, usual price £600)
  • Three Botox treatments of Two Areas £750 (£60 or 8% saving, usual price £810)
  • Three Botox treatments of Three Areas £870 (£90 or 10% saving, usual price £960)

The payment will be taken at the first treatment.  All three treatments must be undertaken within 14 months of the first treatment.

Dermal Filler   Book Appointment with Face Clinic London

Standard treated areas are lips, forehead wrinkles and nose to mouth wrinkles.

  • 0.5 ml £200
  • First 1ml £300
  • Second 1ml £250
  • Third 1ml £200

The amount of dermal filler needed is decided by the doctor during the consultation.  The amount needed varies from person to person and is dependent on the depth of the line or wrinkle. As a general guide lip treatments require approximately 1ml of dermal filler, nose to mouth wrinkles require approximately 2ml of dermal filler.

Skin Boosters

  • £600 for a course of 3 treatments

A course of 3 treatments 2-4 weeks apart is recommended. A course of treatments requires a total of 3ml of dermal filler – 1ml at each session. Larger areas or multiple areas on the neck or chest may need up to 6ml or 5ml per course. A 6 monthly on-going maintenance treatment of 1ml is recommended to maintain the effects.


Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) TreatmentBook Appointment with Face Clinic London

  • Both Underarms £420
  • Forehead £270

Chemical Peel

  • Single Chemical Peel £80
  • Course of Six Chemical Peels £400

Chemical peel prices include an optional pre peel skin consultation with our aesthetic therapist two weeks before your peel. To get the most effective results we recommend a course of six peels one or two weeks apart.

*To enhance the effectiveness of the peel we recommend use of the three creams before, during and after your course of chemical peel including Retexturing Activator or Pigment Regulator, an Antioxidant and a Sunscreen, which can be bought online or in store at your pre peel consultation.

Please read our recommended Skincare before and after a chemical peel.

Peels are performed at our Soho clinic only from Monday to Friday 11am to 7pm, to book a chemical peel consultation and treatment please book online, call our Soho Clinic on 0845 6044 992 after 11am. Alternatively, email us at


  • Face £65 (Course of Six £325)
  • Hands £45 (Course of Six £225)
  • Face and Neck £75 (Course of Six £375)
  • Face, Neck and Chest £90 (Course of Six £450)
  • Back Or Chest £100 (Course of Six £500)

Microdermabrasion can be used as a single treatment however to get the best results a course of six treatments is recommended one to two weeks apart.  We also recommend using a sunscreen during and after your course of treatment.

Appointments for microdermabrasion can be booked directly online at our Soho Clinic, by emailing or by calling 0845 6044 992.

Semi Permanent Make Up

  • Powder Brow £445
  • 3D Hairstroke Brow £445
  • 3D Hairstroke Brow £495

Semi Permanent Eyeliner Make up

  • Natural £445
  • Thick / Latino £545
  • Smokey Blend £595

Semi Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Make up

  • Lip Line £445
  • Lip Blush £545
  • Full Lip-Stick Look £695

Semi Permanent Beauty Spots

  • Chin / Face / Cheeks £75

Skin Tag Removal    Book Appointment with Face Clinic London

  • 1 to 5 skin tags £100
  • 5-10 skin tags £200

Price includes up to 5 follow up treatments as required.

Wart Removal  Book Appointment with Face Clinic London

  • 1 to 5 warts £100
  • 5 – 10warts £200
  • More than 20 warts – please email us to enquire

Price includes up to 5 follow up treatments as required.

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