How Botox can help excessive sweating

Now that spring is around the corner, the temperature is slowly but surely rising. For many of us, this is a welcome respite from the bitter cold of winter – but for those who suffer from excessive sweating, the thought of things heating up is the last thing needed.  We asked Face Clinic London’s Anita Kapoor how Botox can help excessive sweating, with a few words from our clients on how they found the treatment:


“After 17 years of being a GP and finding very limited treatment choices for this common and embarrassing problem- finally something that works very effectively, is safe and non destructive! The injections paralyze the tiny muscles just under the skin which squeeze the sweat out from the sweat glands, up the sweat duct and out through the pores to the surface of the skin. It is very useful for facial and underarm sweating and the results last 4-6 months. This is the most commonly used treatment for hyperhydrosis now, but availability is limited on the NHS and more patients are electing to pay for this treatment privately. It is amazing to me as a doctor how it can transform a patient’s life, confidence, clothing choice etc. By the time the client walks through our door they have usually tried various anti perspirants, beta blocker tablets or even scarring and destructive surgery which have been unhelpful or resulted in side effects. I have not known any clients who have been unhappy with the effectivity of the treatment and most will return 2-3 times per year to have the treatment repeated.

Our clients are best placed to tell you their story and experience of the treatment. Book a consultation with a doctor to find out more:


“Since around the age of 20 I have suffered with excessive sweating, especially of the face and at first associated with certain social situations such as when giving presentations or times when I had people paying very close attention. But with age it got progressively worse, where for instance in my 30s (and by the time of my treatment) I was scared to go on a train, have dinner with a friend, speak to people in shops – the list is absolutely endless. By this stage I had given up on a treatment. I also had seen various GPs on several occasions with this problem in the past and had been prescribed prescription medications repeatedly to try and lessen the symptoms and none had touched the problem, which often brought me to tears.

Now you can imagine the issues this has played on my career, and whilst I have endeavored to have a job with senior responsibility, and somehow got there, I have battled every step of the way directly due to this problem up for years. At the point where I could, to be honest give up my job, I was looking at the possibility of surgery to rectify it. It was then by chance that my partner had heard that the use of Botox could help. Well I thought I had nothing to lose and booked an appointment at the Face Clinic London.

Well, I could honestly not say enough positive things about the results! Within a couple of days I was in a meeting, I spoke and like usual had a sensation I was sweating. I left the meeting and went straight to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and for probably the first time ever it has just been a sensation instead of drips rolling down the side of my forehead. Gradually the effect became apparent, the sensation even disappeared, I could not only speak in meetings when I had an opinion (I was afraid to talk before), but since have confidently given presentations at Company HQ level to all European countries. At first it lasted around 4 months, but that said even when I went for my next treatment I had a completely different mind shift from my previous state and what was once a very sweaty red face was perhaps a slight dampness at most. Now following my second treatment I am flush free, living life with less anxiety and finally able to be me. After such a short time the results are truly incredible.

I could not recommend this treatment enough, so thank you Dr Anita Kapoor and the FaceClinic Team for giving me my life back (plus more!)

Tim, London


“I’ve been visiting Dr Anita for the past 3 years for hyperhydrosis treatment and couldn’t be happier. The level of treatment, service and professionalism has been outstanding and I would recommend Soho Face Clinic to everyone. The prices are great value for money, and I can honestly say that discovering Dr Anita and her practice has been nothing short of life changing. I don’t have to worry anymore about excessive sweating and it’s been such a weight off my shoulders. I was of course anxious at first, but Dr Anita put me completely at ease, and I even enjoy going for my next round of treatment, just so I can catch up with her! I can’t recommend this team enough – top class!!”

Sophie, London

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